Users of the new MacBook Air that comes powered by an Apple M1 chip have reported a fantastic battery life but a screensaver bug. Often, a screensaver suddenly takes over the entire computer even if the user never uses one. That’s not the end of this bug story. The screensaver renders the laptop inoperable until the user completely closes the screen and reopens it.

A few days, back, MacRumors reported the same in an article.  Many users have shared similar issues with M1 equipped MacBook Airs, Pros, and Minis on MacRumors’ forums, Reddit forums, and Apple’s support forums.

One of the users also said, he is facing this bug issue in his 16 inches MacBook Pro, which comes with an Intel chip. This was posted on the MacRumors forum. It seems the problem is with macOS Big Sur, not the chipsets. One of the MacRumors forum members, dawideksl shared a video of the bug.

Many people are reporting the issue they are facing in this Reddit thread. Some of them claimed they have multiple accounts on the same computer. Another user on Apple’s support forums claimed he disabled Fast User Switching and he is not seeing the screensaver anymore. It remains to be seen when Apple confirms and addresses the bug problem.

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