Lily Smart Speaker powered by AI that can teach Chinese faster!

Learning new languages is much easier by using AI equipped smart gadgets. If you are interested in learning Chinese then the new smart speaker called Lily can help you learn Chinese more interestingly. Lily Smart Speaker can teach us the Chinese language in “natural way”.

Lily is a smart speaker designed by a group of developers to help the people who struggle to learn Chinese without any need for books, flash drives or any vocabulary lists. The company based in San Francisco, Maybe claims that the AI-powered Lily will be the world first smart speaker that can teach you in Chinese.

Maybe Lily smart speaker can be controlled through voice commands and the device is equipped with its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Just tell the word/sentence you want to translate and Lily will do the rest of your work. The best part will be the real-time translation which works just like Alexa.

Lily Smart Speaker powered by AI can teach you Chinese much faster
Lily Smart Speaker teach you Chinese!

Along with much features, the design of the Lily looks adorable. The smart speaker comes with a modern design which looks similar to a bot. It is a true 360-degree speaker designed with a long-throw woofer with deep bass, rich vocals and high-quality audio from Harman & JBL engineering.

Features of Lily Smart Speakers

  • Real-Time Translation
  • 100% Voice Controlled device
  • Built-in AI Technology
  • Pronunciation Correction
  • HSK Chinese Exam Preparation
  • Chinese Voice Assistant
  • App to see Pinyin & learn Chinese characters
  • 360-degree High-Quality Sound from Harman & JBL engineering

The company is planning to add more languages in future and they developed an app to track your learning activities on Lily Smart Speaker. With this app, you can see Pinyin and learn Chinese characters.

Lily Smart Speaker
Lily Smart Speaker

Lily is now listed on Indigogo fundraising campaign and already have more than 1,600 backers for this project by raising nearly $316,000 with still 18 days remaining on its campaign. If you are interested, you can support this project by pledging $139 and to learn Chinese easily with “Lily Speaker”.

Check out the demonstration video below to know more about the Lily smart speaker and its features. Once the campaign reaches its goal, the company start the shipment process in the month of March 2019.