LG releases its new 163-Inch 4K MicroLED TV named “Magnit”

LG is a strong competitor in Television Business. LG releases new TVs every year at CES with innovations and new features to stay competitive. Now, LG Electronics unveiled the new LG Magnit, a huge 163-inch 4k TV that uses microLED Technology.

Clearly, from its size, we can say this TV is not meant for enjoying movies in your average Living room or Bedroom. This TV is designed specifically and thus well suits better at large companies, museums, and hotels which have huge rooms since the size of the TV is perfect for them.

Magnit is the first TV by the LG Company which comes with a microLED display. According to LG, with this new microLED display, Magnit will offer “groundbreaking picture quality and durability.” It runs on LG’s WebOS which supports various in-device features such as the Alpha AI imaging processor and provides a simplistic UI for interacting with the TV.

LG releases its new 163-Inch 4K microLED TV named "Magnit"
LG releases its new 163-Inch 4K microLED TV named “Magnit”

In case, you don’t know what a microLED Display is, it is a new type of display kind of similar to the OLED panels found in Smartphones and TVs. But microLED Displays work with pixels much smaller compared to OLED panels. On microLED Displays, these pixels can be up to times smaller. With this much precision, Magnit will provide clearer images with better color reproduction.

Another feature to notice in LG’s Magnit is its screen which comes coated with a black coating which reduces reflection and improves the viewing angles. With the net microLED technology coming into the market, in the coming years, we can expect a shift to the newer generation displays.

LG with its new product is not trying to reach out to the broad general customer market. This time the company is focused on selling the new LG Magnit to large businesses and industrial customers. The general customers cannot afford it as well.

Read more about LG Magnit’s specifications and features on their official site.