Lenovo Z5s promo posters promises 8GB RAM & big display!!

Lenovo is coming up with a new flagship device, the Lenovo Z5s which is scheduled to announce this month. Before the official release, the company has shared some promo posters on Weibo that teases the specs and design of the Lenovo Z5s smartphone.

The promo posters give hints that the device will have more than 8GB of RAM and a huge display size. We already have seen some camera samples released a few days back and now the new posters give more confirmation about the performance of the device.

Lenovo Z5s will be a powerful gaming smartphone which is equipped with Snapdragon 678 or Snapdragon 710 chipsets. Even there are some possible chance, that it may feature Snapdragon 845 processor if the device featured with 10GB of RAM.

Lenovo Z5s promo posters - 8GB RAM
Lenovo Z5s promo posters – 8GB RAM

Talking about the specs, the Lenovo Z5s has a 6.3-inch display and the posters didn’t reveal about the notch. The device will be running Android 9 Pie out of the box and packed with 3,210 mAh battery (that’s low). Also, the Lenovo Z5s will have 3 camera setup at the rear along with a fingerprint scanner.

The Lenovo Z5s is scheduled to launch official on 18th December 2018. Hopefully, this will be the last smartphone of the year 2018 which such good specs for gamers!

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