Lenovo might launch its next fitness band, Cardio 2 HX06H, on June 28 in India

Currently, there is a growing trend of buying fitness bands in India which are both cheap as well as good looking and get the job done. Now, one of the most obvious choices is the Xiaomi Mi Band series. Also, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was released in China last week and it will come soon to India too. However, Xiaomi is not the only option that we have in this segment. Talking about the choices, Lenovo recently announced its next fitness band globally.

Now, we have reports coming in to suggest that this fitness band will be launched on June 28 in India. Talking about Lenovo, we know they have not released a new smartphone for a while. Although Lenovo launched Motorola branded phones, they are not doing particularly well in India either. Nonetheless, Lenovo has decided they will release their fitness band in India named Cardio 2. This will be in direct competition with Xiaomi Mi Band 3. However, we expect the Mi Band 4 to trump the sales of Mi Band 3 in India.

Lenovo Cardio 2
Lenovo Cardio 2

Talking about the Lenovo Cardio 2, it has an OLED display with a capacitive touchscreen as seen on previous Lenovo fitness bands. Apart from that, it will have TPU straps same as Mi Bands. This fitness band from Lenovo will also have a 0.87-inch screen and 128×32 pixels. It is also rated to last 20 days on a single charge having a 100mAh battery.

Along with that, Lenovo Cardio 2 HX06H is rated at 5ATM which means you can use it while swimming or submerge for up to 50 meters underwater. You get the usual heart rate monitor but this fitness band has a 24-hour continuous monitor. This means that the band will alert you whenever there is a fluctuation in your heartbeat alerting you to any health condition. There’s no information regarding Lenovo Cardio 2’s pricing as of now.