The release of CyberPunk 2077 was highly anticipated but it turned out to be a disaster for the fans and game’s investors. According to the latest news, a lawsuit was filed yesterday against CD Projekt. Note that CD Projekt is the company behind Cyberpunk.

The file claims that investors were misled about the game’s performance ahead of its release that caused a significant stock price drop and losses. The lawsuit states that CD Projekt allegedly failed to convey that the game was “virtually unplayable”. The lawsuit further claims that the company instead marketed it as a success with a few issues which would get unnoticed by most players.

Andrew Trampe is the plaintiff of the lawsuit. He is now looking to include as many other investors as possible in order to turn it into a class action. Bloomberg reported. CD Projekt said in a court filing that it would “vigorously” defend itself against the investor’s claims.

It should be noted that since the launch of the game earlier this month, it has been plagued with bugs, prompting retailers and console makers to offer full refunds. Notably, GameStop is accepting returns by going against its typical return policy. They are taking returns even if the game has been unboxed by the user. On the other hand, Sony pulled off the game last week and they are processing digital refunds for unsatisfied customers.

In spite of so much noise, the game sold more than 13 million copies in the two weeks since its launch. It was eventually one of the best selling games of the year. Most of the sales came from pre-orders after the much-hyped marketing campaign. As per reports, CD Projekt covered and bypassed the decade long making costs with the sales figure.

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