According to the latest news, OnePlus has officially announced the launch date of the OnePlus 9 series. It will be introduced on 23rd March 2021 at 10 AM ET. OnePlus has also confirmed a partnership with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad in order to improve the camera systems of its devices.

It is being rumored that the OnePlus 9 series will include an OnePlus 9 Pro device which will come with a curved 1440 pixel 120 Hz display, 45W fast charging support, and reverse wireless charging support. Note that OnePlus’ reference to the term “series” confirms that there will be more than one device making its debut later this month. OnePlus has also confirmed 5G integration and no one is surprised.

OnePlus announces launch date of OnePlus 9 series and partnership with Hasselblad
OnePlus announces launch date of OnePlus 9 series and partnership with Hasselblad

However, as far as the Hasselblad partnership is concerned, details are not promising. In simple words, the two companies have agreed to a three year deal that they will “co-develop the next generation of smartphone camera systems for future OnePlus flagship devices.” It is being heard that the two companies have tweaked the color reproduction capability of the cameras to make them look more natural.

OnePlus 9-series will also use a new Sony IMX789 sensor and offer 12 bit RAW image capture. This is a nice step to capture and retain this large amount of data but standard RAW files miss out on the benefits of computational photography that you will otherwise enjoy while taking a regular JPEG image with a native camera. Something like Apple’s ProRAW would have been more sound.

As of now, it would be fair to treat this OnePlus – Hasselblad partnership with some kind of skepticism because this is not Hasselblad’s first partnership with a phone manufacturer, its previous partnerships have not been that successful.

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