Kaspersky Lab is developing a smartphone comes with inbuilt anti-virus

As per the latest news, well recognized Moscow based multinational cybersecurity and antivirus provider, Kaspersky will release a new range of smartphones that come with anti-hacker protection to secure against malware and external viruses.

Throughout the years, Kaspersky has been famous for its securing computers from all types of virus and malware. In a recent interview, Head of Kaspersky Lab, Evgeny Kaspersky discussed it with RIA Novosti. She said this new range of smartphones will come with a Kaspersky Operating system that will run on its own browser and comprise of the basic applications.

She said “At the moment we have two or three dozen pilots both in Russia and abroad – Europe, Asia, the CIS countries for working with infrastructure, for processing important information,”

This means, there won’t be any need for purchasing security packages externally to ensure device protection. Everything in terms of security will be handled by this inbuilt anti-virus smartphone system.

There is no other information about the upcoming device. Eventually, the head of Kaspersky Labs has also not revealed any further details or given any statement regarding the same. Evgeny Kaspersky has not provided any hint about the release date of the smartphone. She has also not said whether the anti-hacker smartphone will require some extra recurring cost such as re-purchasing of software.

As a cybersecurity brand, Kaspersky does not require any introduction so we can assume that this inbuilt system will refrain us from any all security hassles. However, the installation might take some time before it gets launched in the market for commercial uses.