CIRP says the Apple iPhone XR was Bestselling smartphone in the US in Q1 2019

According a research and survey firm, CIRP, Apple iPhone XR was the bestselling smartphone. This is true atleast for the first quarter of 2019. As we all know, Apple iPhone XR was released as the budget version of iPhone Xs last year. This smartphone was supposed to sell in huge lots but it failed to do so. Earlier this year, Apple reduced the prices of this smartphone to boost sales.

And seems like that move from Apple definitely worked. CIRP’s data shows that the Apple iPhone XR outsold any other Android or iPhone in the US in Q1 2019. This is the period between January and March 2019 which is three months after the iPhone XR originally launched.

Also, it must be noted that Apple iPhone XR was the bestselling iPhone in Q4 2018 as well. This means that the iPhone XR has been dominating the smartphones sales ever since its launch. We also know that Apple reduced prices of its iPhone XR in India last month. This should have also boosted its sales in India too. Therefore, we will not be surprised if iPhone XR is the bestselling iPhone in India too.

Talking about the survey conducted by CIRP, the firm gathered its survey by collecting data from 500 people. Since Apple does not reveal its iPhone sales numbers anymore, this is the only way to find the sales figures out. Now, it must also be said that 500 people is a very small sample size to claim that iPhone XR was the bestselling smartphone in the US.

The survery also reveals that iPhone XR had 38 percent sales in Q1 2019 out of all the iPhones. CIRP also adds that iPhone XR accounted for 32 percent of the total iPhone sales in the USA within first 30 days of its release. This also shows us that consumers are still looking for a smartphone, or even an iPhone, which is lower than the flagship pricing.