iPhone 12 series might not support 5G in dual SIM mode

According to the latest news, iPhone 12, which was launched just a few days back, might not support 5G in dual SIM mode right out of the box. The alleged discrepancy was first highlighted on Reddit over the weekend. After that, a user posted an internal Apple training document in the discussion and confirmed the issue.

Just to let you know, iPhone 12 is not Apple’s first device with dual SIM technology. Apple first introduced dual SIM functionality in iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. All the devices were launched in 2018. The latest iPhone 12 models (the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max) which were launched on 14th October 2020 come with dual SIM support: a physical Nano-SIM and an eSIM. At the launch event, the company claimed all the devices come with 5G support.

The user who posted the alleged training document on Reddit claimed it to be from Apple’s Sales Web resources. The alleged training document discloses “When using two lines in Dual SIM mode, 5G data isn’t supported on either line and will fall back to 4G LTE. If customers are using an eSIM only and are on a 5G supported carrier and service plan, they’ll have 5G access.”

iPhone 12 series might not support 5G in dual SIM mode
iPhone 12 series might not support 5G in dual SIM mode

In simple words, this means, the iPhone 12 user would have to disable 5G on either the physical SIM or the eSim to get 5G speeds on the new phone. This discussion was first spotted by Mac Rumours. Mac Rumours said they have independently confirmed the authenticity of the document.

Another user who claims to have accessed Verizon’s training documents said that the issue with iPhone 12’s dual-SIM 5G support will be fixed with a software update later this year in subsequent replies to the original Reddit post.

Right now, it is not immediately clear if all the iPhone 12 models will be shipped with this issue. So far Apple is yet to either confirm or acknowledge the issue.

Note that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be available for purchase from 23rd October 2020 in the UK, US, China, and more than 30 other countries. Pre-orders have already begun from1 6th October onwards. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max in will be available for pre-order from 6th November 2020 and it will be made available for sale from 13th November 2020.