Internet Explorer exploit can let hackers spy on you and steal your data

It has been long since we received an update to Internet Explorer. If you remember, Internet Explorer was the default browser for all the previous versions of Windows before Windows 10. However, Microsoft bundled its Edge browser with Windows 10 and it has now become the default browser on Windows.

However, this also means that Internet Explorer has become redundant and is almost dead. But we have seen that it is still installed on Windows 10 PCs. Now, you would have not cared about Internet Explorer being there on your PC.

But you will have to worry now as there is an exploit found on Internet Explorer. This exploit enables any hacker to spy on your PC and even steal data from your system. You would argue that your default browser is set to Edge, Chrome or Firefox so you don’t have to worry.

If that’s the case, you still have to worry as this exploit works even if you are not using Internet Explorer. Yes, the only thing which hackers need is Internet Explorer to be installed on your PC.

This exploit was found by a security researched John Page in the Internet Explorer’s handling of MHT files. This files are used only by Internet Explorer as a web archive format. So hackers are taking advantage of this as MHT files can only be opened on IE and your PC will open it by default as well.

All you need to do for getting exploited by this vulnerability is to “open an attachment sent through chat or email” says John Page. Once the attachment with MHT file is opened in Internet Explorer, your data will be spied on and possibly stolen by the hackers. Page says that he found the vulnerability to affect Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 systems which is basically majority of Windows PCs right now.