According to the latest news, The Internet Archive has announced that it will be preserving Flash games and animations on the Wayback Machine. This announcement comes just ahead of the planned demise of Flash at the end of this year.

With this move, the Internet Archive saved over 1,000 games and animations including some popular Flash games titles like ‘All Your Base Are Belong to Us’. Apart from this, the Internet Archive will also emulate Flash player which means, you will be able to enjoy Flash content.

Note that the said emulator called Ruffle is apparently not compatible with Flash contents which are created after 2013 but experts are considering that this might be fixed in the future. Even if this does not happen, it is still a good step for preserving a major era of the internet.

Internet Archive announced it will preserve Flash games and animations
Internet Archive announced it will preserve Flash games and animations

Note that Apart from the Internet Archive, game publisher Kongregate has also announced that it will host Flash games on its website in near future.

Back in 2017, Adobe announced the end of Flash but big companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been phasing Flash out for years. In 2010, Flash support was removed from iOS. Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari started using HTML5 as default after it was taken down by Adobe.

The fact that Flash has survived this long is a feat itself. The best thing is, it will continue to live at least on the archives of the Wayback Machine. If you want to check out the Internet Archive’s collection of Flash games and animations then you can do that by clicking here.

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