Both Cloudflare and Internet Archive announced that they are now working together to make the Internet stronger, more reliable, and more resilient. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine will provide cached copies of Cloudflare customer’s sites.

Even nowadays, many websites face a common issue of server downtime. These server problems affected many websites due to which their stats and user experience take a bad hit. Larger companies have enough resources to prevent this from happening, but, smaller companies and sites are worse affected when their web hosting goes down. When this happens, visitors will see errors on your webpages, instead, of your content. With this new partnership, Cloudflare will now be able to access content on the websites even if the server is down.

This partnership is one of the best steps taken in recent years towards making the Internet a better place. The new Always On feature introduced by Cloudflare will serve as insurance for websites’ when their origin servers go offline or maybe time-out. When this happens, Cloudflare will show old cached and crawled pages instead of errors.

Internet Archive and Cloudflare teamed up to improve Webpage Availability
Internet Archive and Cloudflare teamed up

Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare said, “The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has an impressive infrastructure that can archive the web at scale. By working together, we can take another step toward making the Internet more resilient by stopping server issues for our customers and in turn from interrupting businesses and users online.”  This partnership will profit both of them.

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has been working for over 20 years and achieving publicly available data. This data is made publicly available to anyone who needs like Journalists, Researchers and Students.

Till now more than 468 billions web pages have been crawled by Wayback Machine and every day over 1 billion new archived URLs are being added.

If you also want to avail Cloudflare’s Always On feature, then, you will require to provide the Internet Archive with some information from their websites, such as the hostname and popular URLs you would like to crawl.

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