Google has always supported Android developers when it comes to its Google Play Store. We know that you can already enable beta testing if you are an app developer. After that, users can opt in to beta program and get a testing version of the app. However, we have now found out that there are some hidden settings that you can enable as well. This new hidden feature is an app sharing functionality which can be enabled from your device’s developer settings.

In order to enable developer settings, you have to tap on your ‘About Phone’ about 7 times which will then enable it. Once you have enabled developer settings, you will be greeted with a message saying “You are now a developer”. Now, you will find the option to enable “Internal app sharing” inside your developer settings.

Internal app sharing feature

Talking more about internal app sharing, it is a feature on top of the existing beta testing. You must be aware that millions of applications are downloaded every month from Google Play Store. However, you will only be able to download stable or beta version of any application. With this internal app sharing feature, you will be able to download a test version of any app from Google Play Store.

Moreover, this test version is also not passed by Google for its Play Store. It means that the application may not follow Google’s Play Store guidelines which might be better for some and worse for some. Also, XDA-Developers report that they were able to download test version of apps from Google Play Store with and without developer settings enabled.

The difference between beta tesing and this “internal sharing feature” is that developers don’t have to pass their test apps from Google’s guidelines for Play Store. This way, they can release test versions almost every day and then release a beta version once they are confident about their tests.

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