Intel might outsource Atom and Xeon series of processors to TSMC

On the official Intel website, a recent job description has revealed some interesting information about the company. It is no more a secret that Intel wants to outsource production to TSMC in the future. However, details regarding this shift were more or less vague so far. The new job listing has revealed that Intel will be shifting its Atom and Xeon processors over to the world’s largest contract chipmaker, TSMC.

A TomsHardware report suggests that the job description stated “As a member of the QAT design team, you will work as the RTL integration lead within the Custom Logic ASIC Engineering group in DCG [Data Center Group]. You will play a key role in the development and integration of QAT into Atom & Xeon based SoC on Intel and TSMC process, you will work with the IP/SoC integration team and collaborate with the SoC design, validation, and emulation teams to ensure successful integration validation of the QAT IP.”

It is clear that the company is aiming at shifting the production of its Atom and Xeon based SoCs to TSMC. Currently, Intel produces several specialized variants of the Atom and Xeon based processors. Just a few months back, earlier this year, Intel unveiled the Atm ‘Snow Ridge’ SoC with up to 24 Tremont cores for 5G base stations. On the other hand, the Intel Xeon D series SoCs were powered by Skylake-SP cores and they are aimed at networking and storage applications.

Frankly, it might not seem practical for Intel to outsource Xeon based SoCs to TSMC because the Xeon based SoCs utilizes high performance cores and is sold at premium prices. Intel’s Atom processors are not cheap but comparatively utilize low powered cores and are less complex than the Xeon processors so, in the near future, Intel might end up shifting another lineup of processors to TSMC.