We have seen from years that the Computex 2019 is where interesting things happen when it comes to Windows PCs and Laptops. Similarly, this year’s Computex did not disappoint as well. The event was kicked off with Asus unveiling its latest ZenBook lineup. Last year, Asus came up with a display in the laptop’s trackpad which it called the ScreenPad. This year, Asus added a display panel on top of the keyboard making its first dual display laptop.

Now, Intel has also got into the act of unveiling a laptop with dual displays. Although Asus and Intel’s implementation is very similar, it is different as well. First of all, Intel’s Laptop is a Gaming one which means it will be a power packed one. Another aspect is that the Intel Gaming prototype lifts up and snaps back in three halves. Asus, on the other hand, does not have a lift for its secondary display.

Intel Honeycomb Glacier Gaming laptop

Having said that this is made for gamers, you can also use it to good effect for other purposes too. For example, this is ideal for creators who want to have some other stuff going on on both the displays. Talking about the specifications, Intel’s gaming laptop called the Honeycomb Glacier has a 15.6-inch display as its primary one and a 12.3-inch display as the secondary one.

Honeycomb Glacier
Honeycomb Glacier

At the moment, this gaming laptop is powered by Intel’s 9th gen 8C/ 16T H-series processors paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 OC. However, it is still in prototype stages which means the internals will be upgraded once it is available for sale.

Now, the good aspect about this laptop is that the secondary display lifts up due to a hinge. This means that it will have good thermal performance because of clear space for air flow. There is a large fan beneath the laptop for cooling as well.

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