Intel announces its 9th generation chips including Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 processors

Intel has just released its 9th generation of Intel Core chipsets that we have become familiar with on most of the Laptops and Desktops nowadays. We know that Ryzen is giving a serious fight to Intel in the Gaming and Desktop CPU department. However, Intel is still the preferred CPU when it comes to major players like Dell, Apple and the likes.

As part of the announcement for its 9th-generation Intel Core processors, the company announced the 9th-gen Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 processors. All of these processors launched by Intel come under the ‘Coffee Lake’ architecture from Intel. As for the availability, Intel has told that the CPUs launched today will be available on various Laptops immediately.

This means that we will see a bunch of new laptops being released with the latest generation of Intel chips inside it. Now, Intel says that gamers need the performance which is seen on its latest chips. However, Creative professionals also need those type of performance without using a gaming laptop as such.

Intel 9th generation CPUs

Intel claims that its latest processors give 56 percent better average frame rates inside a game and up to 38 percent faster processing for turn-based games. However, Intel has compared these performance results with a “three-year-old enthusiast laptop”. This also indicates that there might not be much of a jump from Intel 8th-gen CPUs to the 9th-gen ones.

According to the company, its 9th gen Core i9-9980HK CPU is “world’s most powerful laptop platform”. Obviously, this will be mostly true in real world as well because it has 8-cores inside it. Intel says that its Core i9-9980HK meant for laptops is meant to be equivalent to its desktop core i9-9900K announced last year. Intel says that its Core i9 CPUs for Laptops are meant for bulky laptops which the company calls “musclebooks”.