Intel 10th Generation ‘Ice Lake’ CPU lineup announced at Computex 2019

Intel has announced its 10th generation of processors which will be fitted on the laptops around the world. These are Intel’s 10th gen Core processors which come with a 10nm architecture. Intel has announced 11 different models of CPUs in this lineup which are available in its Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 lineup. The company also announced that the CPUs have been distributed to laptop OEMs around the world. This means that we will see Laptops running with these CPUs by the 2019 holiday season in the US.

Although Intel has not revealed any performance or specification details about these chips, we do know that these CPUs are made for thin and light laptops. It is most likely that the CPUs have a better thermal performance as well as power efficiency.

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These CPUs from Intel are named as the ‘Ice Lake’ CPUs and we already know that the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is one of the first laptop already announced to run on this CPU. Apart from the Ice Lake CPU announcement, Intel has also announced an Integrated GPU called Iris Plus. As well as the company has announced an AI functionality called Deep Learning Boost.

Intel 10th gen Core processors

A report also claims that Intel’s issues with the production of 10nm CPUs has been solved and we will see the CPUs getting shipped by June itself. However, Intel has not revealed anything in those regards. Talking about the Ice Lake CPUs, they will have Wi-Fi 6 integrated inside them which means you will have better Wi-Fi performance. Also, the CPUs will have Thunderbolt 3 support in-built so it will be better for OEMs to have Thunderbolt 3 ports in their laptops.

Intel’s Iris Plus iGPU will have 1 TB of bandwidth and we believe that gaming laptop OEMs will use Intel’s integrated GPU instead of third-party ones for better support and customizations.