We have seen that data rates in India have come down to an all-time low. One of the major reasons for this is the launch of Reliance Jio in India. We have known that Reliance Jio is the latest telecom operator in India. However, Reliance Jio operates only on 4G networks. Therefore, telecom operators like Vodafone and Airtel were forced to setup 4G networks in India as soon as possible.

Also, Reliance Jio’s tariff plans were extremely lower as well. This meant that others had to lower their tariff rates drastically so as to not lose out on the competition. All of this combined to make India a country with the lowest data rates worldwide. This has been confirmed by a report which was carried out from a U.K. based comparison site named Cable.

Cable studied different tariff plans for all the countries in the world including India. The report concludes that India has the lowest data rates for 1GB of data in the world. Now, it is also interesting to see the data rates which Indians have to pay for 1GB of data. Cable’s report claims that Indians have to just pay Rs. 16 per 1GB on an average.

However, the global average for 1GB of data is much higher. Cable’s report claims that Rs. 600 is the global average for 1GB of data. Countries like U.K and U.S. have costly data rates as well. You need to spend $6.66 in the United Kingdom to get 1GB of data. On the other hand, U.S. operators will make you spend $12 for 1GB of data.

It is also found out that Zimbabwe is the country where the data rates are highest. In Zimbabwe, 1GB of Data costs $75 which is just insane when compared to India. After India, you get the lowest data rates in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Rwanda.

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