Microsoft removes Huawei Laptops from its website due to Ban

Huawei is the toughest of times right now in the industry. Now, this is not because their products are not selling or they are going bankrupt. But the reason is that the company has been banned from selling their products in the US. Not only that, the Trump administration has even blacklisted Huawei from trading in the US. This means that none of the US companies can work with Huawei. Therefore, Google complied with this ban and blocked Huawei from using Android and also ended their partnership.

So Huawei smartphones will no longer get Android security as well as feature updates. Also, Google services like Gmail, Chrome and the likes will also not work on Huawei smartphones. Now, if this announcement was not worse then we have another huge announcement. This is regarding Huawei Matebook lineup of Windows Laptops.

Since Microsoft is also based in the US so they also have to comply with the US’s order of blacklisting Huawei. Therefore, they have now removed any reference of Huawei laptops running Windows. But we should note that Microsoft has not made any comments regarding banning Huawei from using Windows. As of now, Huawei laptops continue to use Windows and will also get updates in future. However, we expect that to change soon as Microsoft has to comply with Trump admin’s order.

On the other hand, Microsoft does not want to sever ties with Huawei it seems. Because unlike Google, Microsoft is using the wait and watch technique. Rather than cutting ties with Huawei as soon as blacklisting was announced, Microsoft is waiting for things to pan out so that they can take a decision. Currently, the company has not given any statement about the possibilities of Windows ban for Huawei. We will have to wait and see when and what decision Microsoft takes on this matter