Huawei joins hand with Devialet to create Sound X

Huawei revealed that they have joined hands with Devialet, a high-end audio company known for its premium Phantom speakers for its latest smart speaker, Sound X.

Engadget reported that as of now, the Huawei Sound X is available for pre-order in China but there is no word from the company regarding its release outside China. In China, the device is tagged with a price tag of 1999 Yuan (around $285).

Sound X is a 360-degree speaker. It comes with a 60-watt double subwoofer and a full array of Huawei services including Huawei Xiaoyi voice assistant, Huawei HiLink smart home control, Huwaei music support. The Huawei speaker got one-touch control.

It should be noted that Speaker X is unveiled at the same time as Huawei’s iPad Pro-like MatePad Pro tablet.

Huawei joins hand with Devialet to create Sound X
Huawei joins hand with Devialet to create Sound X

It is reported that in this partnership, Devialet is providing its speaker active matching (SAM) technology to Huawei. This technology reduces distortion with the help of its push-push woofer vibration-canceling system.

In today’s competitive market, you will find plenty of companies with high-end speakers but Devialet has always stood out due to its designs. Devialet’s latest collaboration looks a lot like a HomePod.

Devialet said that its partnership with Huawei to create Sound X is the company’s “first partnership in Asia” and they also commented that China is its “second-largest region worldwide in terms of sales.”