How To Use Melee In Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Use Melee In Call Of Duty Mobile

In call of duty, there are numerous weapons that players can choose from, but when it comes in hand to hand combat, a melee weapon is the best option because it doesn’t require any ammunition and refill.

There are a total of six melee weapons found in COD mobile multiplayer mode, but to use them, people will need a strong internet connection, and many gamers are searching for a way to get melee offline.

Gamers can get melee in different ways, including completing challenges, buying crates, or participating in events. However, using a melee weapon to attack in a call of duty game player will require a lot of skills and training.

Here in this post, we will show you the complete process of using melee properly in call of duty mobile, so keep reading to find the best technique that you can use to damage or kill your enemy effectively by a melee attack.

How To Use Melee In Call Of Duty Mobile
How To Use Melee In Call Of Duty Mobile

What Is Melee:

Melee is a weapon that is used in ultra-close hand-to-hand combat to damage or kill the enemy. As previously mentioned, call-of-duty mobile players can choose six melee weapons, like axes, swords, knives, sickles, and machetes.

But the greatest melee weapon in call of duty history is SCYTHE which can damage the enemy from 145 to 150 percent more than a normal melee with its devastating attacking capability.

Every melee weapon attacking range and mobility is different and requires up to 3 to 5 shots to kill a foe, but a scythe only requires one to two shots, making it a million times better than the normal melee attack.

How To Use Melee In Call Of Duty Mobile Complete Guide Step By Step:

If an expert gamer knows how to use a melee weapon correctly to kill an opponent, then he/she could do it with just a single common knife. However, without spending the time to polish their gaming skill or taking any training, some players might find it difficult to fight with this handy weapon.

Players need basic training to improve their hand-to-hand combat fighting skills to become professional melee users in call of duty. But if you are in a hurry and want things done without hard work, follow the step-by-step technique mentioned below to use the melee weapon in call of duty mobile correctly.

  • First, avoid fighting outside in the battleground; if you do that, you’ll die instantly. The enemy can retain his distance from you in the open space and shoot you dead.
  • Use a smoke bomb if you want to move from one location to another without being killed.
  • Engage in combat in a room or room filled with objects if possible. Because of the opponent’s restricted movement, you can freely face them. The likelihood of winning increases with the size of your combat area.
  • Pay attention and choose the right perk because choosing the right perk will give your character a lot of advantages and amazing power.
  • Choose a melee with a higher killing rate and minimum shot required to kill the enemy. ( For the best result, you need to choose the scythe or shovel because they have a more increased damage rate).
  • Move side to side and dont stand in the same place continually because it allows you to confuse your enemy so you can attack them effectively.
  • The next step is approaching your opponent closely and killing them without holding back. They will become perplexed and anxious as a result. In the end, they’ll be less focused due to their terror, which will cause their assaults to miss.


When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, without a doubt, melee weapon is the best option to select from because they dont require any time to refill, like guns, so that you can kill your enemy instantly.

Here in this guide, you have learned what melee is and a step-by-step strategy of using melee in call of duty mobile so you can effectively damage or annihilate your enemy.

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