How To Play Aliens On Call Of Duty Ghosts

How To Play Aliens On Call Of Duty Ghosts

Alien is one of the best modes in Call of Duty Ghost based on the Alien VS Predator movie. In this game, players will fight against the ancient creatures that existed before the dinosaurs, which means it’s more interesting and amusing to play.

In Cod Ghost: Many mysterious and deadly aliens (Cryptids) have perfected the art of torture over hundreds of years, making this game more entertaining. This Ghost Mod is perfect for those who want to fight against extraterrestrial enemies.

Getting Aliens in Call of Duty Ghost is quite easy; all you need to do is complete the first four missions to play alien gaming mode. If you don’t know how to enable aliens mode, this guide will show you a step-by-step process that you can use to play aliens on call of duty ghosts.

What Is Extinction Mode In Call Of Duty:

How To Play Aliens On Call Of Duty Ghosts
How To Play Aliens On Call Of Duty Ghosts

Extinction is a game mode in Call of Duty that allows up to four players to play the game simultaneously. Players can choose their favorite extinction mode and play online or offline. Extinction mode also allows players to customize their character’s skin, clothes, hair, weapon, and many more.

The first Call of Duty extension mode was launched on November 5th, 2013. Players can unlock the extinction mode on a number of different devices like Xbox One,  PlayStation 3 and 4, PC, and XBOX 3. Extinction mode only requires four missions to be performed; once the mission is completed, it will automatically unlock.

How To Play Aliens On Call Of Duty Ghosts Complete Guide Step By Step:

In Call of Duty Ghost Alien mode: There are several mystical  (Cryptids)  that players will face, like Hunter, Rhino, Scout, Seeker, Leper, Seeder, Kraken, Breeder, Phantom, Mammoth, Cricket, Bomber, Gargoyle but most powerful is Ancestor because its multiple types of supernatural powers that he uses to kill the players.

The only goal of players in Call of Duty Alien mode is to destroy the cryptid Hives and complete all the challenges. By killing aliens, players will also get the money that they can use to purchase additional weapons and perks. Players can choose from four classes in Alien Mode, including Medic, Weapon Specialist, Engineer, and Tank, with each one having unique abilities/perks.

If you want to play Aliens Mode on Call of Duty, then you need to follow the step-by-step process mentioned below that you can use to unlock alien extinction mode smoothly.

  • First, open the Call of Duty Ghost game and click on the campaign tab to select the missions.
  • Players can choose to play many amazing and interesting missions in the call of duty ghost version. However, you dont need to complete all the missions to unlock the alien extinction mode. To acquire the mode, all you have to do is complete the first four missions, as mentioned previously.
  • You must complete the missions in COD Ghost: Struck Down, Brave New World, Ghost Stories, and No Man’s Land.
  • You can easily complete these missions or regular or higher difficulty to unlock the alien mode in COD Ghost.
  • Now go back to the main menu of call of duty ghost after successfully completing the four missions.
  • Click on the Extinction tab; that’s it; you have unlocked the Alien Extinction mode in COD Ghost.


The alien mode in Call of Duty Ghost is one of the best options for those who want to fight with some most powerful enemies.

Compared to other COD, Alien mode is much more difficult to play, but it will sure give you more thrill and suspension than others.

This guide has shown you a complete step-by-step procedure that you can use to unlock the Alien Extinction Mode on Call of Duty Ghost.

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