How To Join A Private Server On Roblox

    How To Join A Private Server On Roblox

    A private server on Roblox is one of the adequate options for building an amusing gaming community with your friends. On Roblox’s private server, people can share their gaming experience, host private events, stream without other users, and can control who can join the server.

    In simple words, a private server on Roblox gives the freedom that every gamer dreams of. Many gamers around the world want private servers to become completely in charge of everything so they can play solely with their friends without the annoyance of random people.

    To get free tix, all you need to do is visit your site daily and complete certain game tasks. However, if you don’t know how to get them free, then read this article because it guides you through a complete step-by-step strategy that you can use to get free Tix on Roblox iPad.

    How To Join A Private Server On Roblox
    How To Join A Private Server On Roblox

    What Are Free Tix:

    Tix is the oldest currency in Roblox that is used to purchase the catalog items such as skins, characters, or weapons. In Roblox, people can earn free tix by visiting their sites daily, creating a new account, or completing certain challenges, and they can also use them for advertisements.

    People can convert Tix or Ticket into Robux; the converting rate is ten tix for one Robux. Also, this was the only currency in Roblox that people could get without spending money. It was first introduced in 2007, but in 2016 it was removed due to bot accounts.

    How To Get Free Tix On Roblox Ipad Complete Guide Step By Step:

    Tix or Ticket is the only currency in Roblox that you can get without paying any real-life money as you need to pay for Robux. However, in order to get them, you need to complete some game challenges. Once you have enough tix, you can purchase any catalog item or can convert them into Robox easily.

    (Keep in mind: Every gaming mode in Roblox offer a different amount of tix; some mode offer 100 tix for completing the task or some 50 tix). If you want to purchase brand-new items like skins, weapons, or clothes in Roblox for free, then you need to follow the complete step-by-step instructions detailed below that you can use to get free tix on Roblox iPad.

    • First of all, launch the Roblox game on your iPad, go to the Avatar shop, choose the five most expensive items from the shop and then add them to your favorite inventory list. ( Karblox or Headless Horse are the main items that you need to add).
    • Now return to the main menu, and in the Roblox game search bar, look for the game that is top-rated and offers a lot of tax than others. ( Here, in this method, we have picked Adopt me).
    • After launching the game, you need to play it for 2 to 3 minutes and complete minor tasks like walking on the street or moving from one location to another.
    • Now exit the game, return to the home menu and search the RBX game in the search bar.
    • After finding the RBX, you now need to join the group that offers free tix. ( Once you join the group, you need to play the game for 2 minutes).
    • Once you complete the task, exit the game, return to the home screen, and refresh the page to get the free tix on Roblox iPad.


    With tix, you can buy any catalog item for free, like clothes, skins, or weapons in Roblox. All you need to do is perform some minor game tasks or visit your site daily to get them for free.

    This guide has taught you a complete step-by-step strategy that you can use to get free tix on Roblox iPad, so you don’t need to pay any cost to purchase your favorite gaming items.

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