How To Get Pacifist Medal In Call Of Duty Mobile

    How To Get Pacifist Medal In Call Of Duty Mobile

    Call of duty is a game that offers all the fun and entertainment to players who are online all around the world to play in a battle royale along with their squad to eliminate their enemies and be victorious. Most gamers spend hundreds of hours playing this multiplayer game in order to unlock new achievements and get the greatest medals. One of these medals is the Pacifist Medal.

    There are challenges in the game with each season, like earning Pacifist medals and other things like that for which the players have to spend their time and figure out new ways to achieve new things and unlock different achievements. In case you are wondering how to get Pacifist Medal in Call of Duty Mobile, then this guide explains everything for you.

    How To Get Pacifist Medal In Call Of Duty Mobile
    How To Get Pacifist Medal In Call Of Duty Mobile

    What Is Pacifist Medal?

    Call of Duty offers different medals for gamers who are willing to spend their time playing multiplayer modes in order to be victorious in a battle royale. There are more than 85 medals in the game, and for beginners, the Pacifist medal might seem to be a tough task. This is mostly because this medal requires the survival of the player among the top 10 positions of the game without taking any single kill.

    How To Get Pacifist Medal in Call Of Duty Mobile Complete Guide Step By Step

    To get Pacifist Medal, you will have to follow the instructions keenly that are given below.

    • When the game starts, land someplace safe. Consider landing at a corner of the map where you can get some loot while also keeping yourself away from bots and players.
    • Remember, you don’t have to kill any bot or player before you are left among the top 10 players on the battlefield. It will be hard for you, but you just need to wait for other players to finish each other off.
    • Gather your loot, and keep yourself in the zone. When the zone moves, run along with it, and don’t leave yourself out of the safe zone because your health will eventually drain, and you will die before reaching the top 10.
    • It’s always preferred to play solo vs. squad. The reason is that you have to wait long enough for everyone to finish off each other in solo mode in order to reach the top 10. In squad mode, the teams will be quickly take care of each other and clear their path to reach the top positions.
    • You can choose to get a helicopter to stay out of trouble and survive till the end of the game. In this way, you will be out of danger of enemies shooting you.
    • Choose a suitable class like Ninja or Airborne that will come in handy at tough times to save you from trouble.
    • Make good rotations in the safe camps and hideouts so that you stay out of sight and survive longer while keeping your health and equipment loaded.
    • Just survive for a long and then take out your enemies after reaching the top 10. If you fail to reach the top 10, you can try this process again and again unless you are able to do it.
    • This is how you get Pacifist Medal in Call of Duty Mobile.


    This discussion explains how to get Pacifist Medal in Call Of Duty Mobile. We shared a simple approach that will help any COD gamer to reach to the Top 10 with the best survival tips while staying out of trouble. In case you follow the given instructions, you will be alright to get the medal finally.

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