How To Get Green Arrow Fortnite

How To Get Green Arrow Fortnite

In Fortnite, there are many skins that players can buy, like Superman, Son Goku, Spiderman, Deadpool, and many more but the most stunning and loveable is Green Arrow. With this skin pack, you will also get other items, such as Arrows, Punching Gloves, and Tactical Quiver Back Bling.

For players who want to take their Fortnite gaming experience to the next level or fanatics who love this DC hero, the Green Arrow outfit is one of the best options because it has a decent look and a variety of extra attributes to complete the missions quickly.

People can easily get Green Arrow skin by going to the Fortnite shop. However, if you don’t know how to get Green Arrow in Fortnite, read this guide because it will show you a complete step-by-step process that you can use to get green arrow Fortnite easily.

How To Get Green Arrow Fortnite
How To Get Green Arrow Fortnite

What Are Fortnite Green Arrow:

Fortnite gamers can choose numerous skins from the game shop depending on their favorite character, like Batman, Ironman, Naruto, Thor, Itachi, Spider-Gwen, Jedi, Grave Feather, and many more. But in December, Fortnite also added a Green Arrow skin pack with additional items.

This DC hero got so famous that every gamer wants to get green arrow Fortnite. With the Green Arrow, you can easily complete all the challenges, whether hard or simple. It includes special weapons that can help you complete the mission fastly, like punching gloves and arrows to shoot the opponent.

How To Get Green Arrow Fortnite Complete Guide:

In reality, Fortnite is one of the most astonishing online FPS games that offer hundreds of gaming items and cool missions. Many people around the world are so crazy about this multiplayer game that they spend tons of money on gaming items like emotes and advanced weapons.

To make the gaming experience more entertaining, Fortnite also offers superhero skins that players can buy from the game shop. If you are a Green Arrow fan and want to get it in Fortnite, follow the step-by-step procedure below to make your gaming experience amusing with this DC hero.

  • First, open Fortnite on your compatible device, like mobile or pc, and go to the game shop and click on the item shop option.
  • Now from the list, select the Green Arrow skin, pay the price and click on the save and exit option.
  • After buying the Green Arrow, you now need to click on the equip button to get it. ( Once you equip the green arrow skin, you can also change the color, hairstyle, or weapons based on your desire).
  • Another option to get the green arrow in fortnite is to buy a Battle pass or join the fortnite crew. ( Select your desired option and click on it to get the green arrow in fortnite).
  • The battle pass will cost you 950 V blocks, and the Fortnite crew bundle will cost you $11.99. (Remember, once your monthly subscription bundle expires, you will need to pay the same amount again to get the green arrow).


Fortnite is one of the best online multiplayer games that includes everything that gamers need, and playing it with your favorite superhero character will surely be more fun.

This guide has taught you a complete step-by-step process that you can use to get the green arrow to maximize your Fortnite experience more with this DC superhero.

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