How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages

How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages

Call of duty montages is an editing technique used to create a mixture of gameplay scenes. The amazing thing about this strategy is that players can easily create or edit memorable COD shot-killing scenes without needing a professional.

Many Call of Duty gamers worldwide are searching for a way to create montages with their favorite scene. Creating the call of duty montages is simple; you only need video editing software like Kinemaster.

If you are unprofessional and don’t know how to create COD montages, then read this guide to learn a complete step-by-step technique that you can use to create the best COD action pack montages.

How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages

How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages
How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages

What Is Montages:

Montage is a French word that means cinema editing. In short, montages are a type of film or video editing technique where a succession of brief shots are put together in a certain order to compress time, space, and information.

On the internet, people can easily use numerous editing software to create the best montages of their favorite games, like Call of Duty or films, without hiring a professional or taking help.

Some of the best ones include KineMaster, VSDC Free Video Editor, Windows Video Editor, Movie Maker Online, and Vimeo Create. You can also buy a premium subscription plan to create some extra impressive montages.

How To Edit Call Of Duty Montages Complete Guide Step By Step:

The process of editing call of duty montages is quite straightforward. But first, you need to download the KineMaster app on your device so you can edit your gameplay video without taking help from a professional graphic designer within minutes.

After downloading the Kinemaster app, cover the step-by-step instructions below to create the best call-of-duty montages that will surely surprise your friend.

  • First, open the Kinemaster app on your device and click on the video add button.
  • Now select the aspect ratio of the video; recommended is 16:9 and select your COD gameplay video.
  • Go to the start of your video and find the kill where you want to start the video.
  • When you find a kill go back to 10 seconds and click on the trim to left of playhead.
  • Click on the speed from the given options and decrease the intro gameplay speed.
  • On your screen, click on the layer and select the effect option.
  • Now click on the basic effect and select Gaussian Blur.
  • Tap on the upper left-corner option and select the setting. (Here, you need to increase the length of the blur to the middle of the trim part).
  • Now click on the plus option from the video-playing line and select the chromatic zoom. ( If the option doesn’t show, you can install it by picking get more).
  • Here select the 01 and decrease the time of your transition.
  • Go back to the layer and tap on the text choice to add your desired text to your COD video.
  • Now tap on the font selection and choose the font style that you want for your COD montage video. ( After selecting the font, place your text where you want on the edited video).
  • That’s it; you have successfully created the perfect call of duty montages of your favorite battleground kill scenes.
  • After completing the editing of the call of duty kill shot video, select the export option, select the quality of your video, and click on the export option to save it on your device.


You can create as many montages as you want from your favorite call of duty mission kill-shot scene with the kinemaster app without taking help from experts within minutes.

This guide has shown you a complete step-by-step process that you can use to edit or create a call of duty montages, so try it now and let us know in the comments sections.

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