How To Draw Lexa From Fortnite?

    How To Draw Lexa From Fortnite

    In Fortnite, players can choose thousands of skins from their favorite ones. But when it comes to female skins, then Lexa is on the top due to its capability and rareness. Lexa is an epic outfit from traditional anime or manga characters like Yuki, Megumi, Sakura, and Lord Beerus.

    It is a morphing android hunter wearing a cybernetic armor suit, which her father builds. She is part of the Y-Labs Hunter Set, which offers five cosmetics that are broken up into 1 outfit. Her fearless attitude can lead her to victory in any battle mode, whether single, double, or trios.

    With Lexa, gamers are always ready to add another trophy to their wall because she has all the weapons that assure the gamer’s victory, like a Null claw or Mechafusion Interface. If you are a fan of this anime warrior and looking for a complete step-by-step strategy that you use to draw it, then read this guide.

    How To Draw Lexa From Fortnite?
    How To Draw Lexa From Fortnite?

    What Is Lexa In Fortnite:

    In Fortnite, Batlle Royale season 5, Lexa is a new-age outfit created by Y-Labs that offers diverse ilks and amazing looks. Lexa was naturally picked from traditional Japanese anime, comics, or manga. She is a fearless warrior that comes up with five unique cosmetics that ensure the player’s victory.

    In reality, she is a normal girl, but when she equips the cybernetic suit of armor, she is always ready to add another medal to her barrier. The weapons she includes in the pack are Hyperboard, Y-Labs Wraps, Mechafusion Interface, and the best harvesting tool Null Claw.

    If you want to get Lexa, then you can unlock it in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 Battle Pass by reaching level 73. Once you have reached level 73, she becomes available, and you can use it to complete any challenges or tasks without any complications because she is the anime warrior.

    If you want to unlock this android anime outfit early, then you can easily purchase level on the Battle pass in the Fortnite game. You can also get Lexa by buying the ‘Crew’ bundle, which rewards you with VBucks that you can use to further optimize it.

    How To Draw Lexa From Fortnite In Fortnite:

    If you want to draw Lexa from Fortnite, then you need to follow the complete step-by-step drawing technique instructed below.

    • First, you will need to draw her headband with a curved arch line. Once you have drawn the headband, now draw the hair and face shape with a line downwards inwards towards her jaw and then her eyes with the help of a diagonal curved line. ( For eyebrows, draw a curved arch line across and from the same corner at the side).
    • Now draw a small rectangular shape at that corner and then her hair by drawing a curved line downwards and flare it slightly out.
    • Here you need to draw the curve line from the left to the right side of her neck to draw the shoulders. (Once finished, draw her shirt and pant carefully with slightly curved lines).
    • Now draw a curved line downwards below the knee joint, and completee the right side of the leg first. ( Also, draw her sleeves and shoe details).
    • Apply the same steps to draw the left leg with a curve line and shoe and sleeve details.
    • After completing the down section, you now need to draw her right arm, so first, start drawing her elbow, wrist, and fingers.
    • Draw another arm of Lexa with the same procedure as you create the right one by drawing a curve line.
    • Once you have finished the Lexa drawing, color it of your choice and hang it on the wall or upload it to the Fortnite community to show your friend your drawing skills.


    Lexa is one of the coolest and most fearless outfits in Fortnite that gives players devastating rare weapons like Null Claw and Hyperboard to declare victory in any battleground.

    This guide has shown you a complete step-by-step drawing strategy that you can use to draw Lexa from Fortnite, so you can show this android anime girl drawing to your friend.

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