How To Draw Gunner From Fortnite

How To Draw Gunner From Fortnite

In Fortnite, Gunner is one of the most compelling, cool, and dazzling battle pass skins. This rare skin was first introduced in chapter 3, season 2. His multiple styles, such as regular gunner, arctic tac, ultra charge, and nova storm, make him more prominent than others.

This is perfect for gamers who want to feel the real Fortnite gaming experience. It has everything that a gamer needs, like powerful harvesting tools, extra health, unique gliders, and much more. Players can also cover his face with enchanting masks to give him a more appealing look.

You can easily win any battleground with his combat skills because he is always ready to go. If you are looking for how to draw gunner from Fortnite, then keep reading this guide because here you will find a complete step-by-step procedure that you can use to draw gunner skin in Fortnite within minutes.

How To Draw Gunner From Fortnite
How To Draw Gunner From Fortnite

What Are Gunner In Fortnite:

Gunner is one of the best Fortnite skins, which has everything that game lovers need to take their gaming experience to the extreme level. It offers multiple styles and weapons that players can choose from their favorite to complete any challenge, mission, or task without being killed instantly.

Gunner pack includes many items like a dual-wield pickaxe, punch saw, ultra charge, solar storm, and the best, including chain surfer, a giant deadly hoverboard. Players can also get his Mythic Stinger SMG by defeating him in the underground base. But with a health of 650, it can be difficult to beat him so easily.

How To Draw Gunner From Fortnite Complete Guide:

If you want to draw a gunner from Fortnite to engrave your friends, follow the step-by-step drawing strategy mentioned below.

  • First, start drawing the right side of his head with a curved line downwards, slightly flaring it out at this lower point, same as a good turn diagonal line to the side of his chin curved line across for the chin. Now draw the same shape of his face and hair by drawing a curved line diagonally across and turning back. (Also, create his jaw, mustache, eyebrows, and lip with straight and curved lines).
  • Now draw the same shape of his neck by drawing a curve line, so start with the right one and then the left.
  • Now draw a zigzag line downwards to the side of his arm, and for his shoulder, draw a semi-skilled line from the side of that sleeve and turn it downwards at the side and below, then do the same thing for the inner corner. ( Also, draw his gloves by drawing a curve line upwards and turning it back to the right and towards the elbow point right).
  • Now draw his belt by drawing a rectangular shap box and then draw all the details as it has. After completing the first belt, draw the second belt with the same method.
  • Now draw the pad and continue the line downwards on the left; flare it slightly out at the knee point. For the right side, draw a shield on his thigh with a curved line across the top. Then for the pant, draw a curved line across, and from the side, draw a diagonal line and the shoe details.
  • Finally, do the same step to draw another leg of the gunner and then color it to complete your artistic illustration.


In Fortnite, there are multiple ways to enrich your gaming experience, but playing with the toughest and rare skin like Gunner, there is no doubt the fun will be doubled.

Here you have learned a complete step-by-step drawing methodology that you can follow to draw a gunner from Fortnite so you can show your friends how deeply you like him.

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