Huawei to launch Honor YOYO Smart Speaker in China on December 26. While launching the Honor Magic 2 smartphone, Huawei announced about the YOYO AI based smart voice assistant that featured on Honor FlyPods. Now they are up to launch a smart speaker that support YOYO assistant.

Honor’s YOYO assistant is based on AI that allows users can control devices via voice commands. Since its AI-based smart voice assistant, you can experience some features like Amazon’s Alexa. So now the company is planning to add its new YOYO voice assistant feature on its products and here we got the YOYO powered Smart Speaker to be the first.

Honor YOYO Smart Speaker
Honor YOYO Smart Speaker

The launch event poster reveals Honor YOYO Smart Speaker is set to launch on December 26 in a special event in China. The smart speakers will be based on Honor’s new AI-based smart voice assistant — YOYO.

As mentioned earlier, the YOYO AI based voice assistant includes features like AI Driving, Real-Time Translation, Knowledge QA, Shopping and much more. Even it can control DJI drones through voice commands.

Honor already demonstrated the working of YOYO voice assistant at Magic 2 launch event, by reserving a hotel room for its owner. And the real-time voice translation works just like Google Duplex. So AI based YOYO Voice assistant is worth to have in a small device like – Smart Speaker.

That’s all the information we have on the upcoming Honor YOYO Smart Speaker, we don’t know about the technical specs and device features. We hope, Honor bring something new to its speaker that really work smarter with AI technology.

Via – Handyschaft

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