We know that the latest version of Android OS, Android Q, is a big privacy push from Google. Literally, everything that Google announced for Android Q is related to the privacy of some sorts. Also, Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently wrote an op-ed on NY Times saying that privacy should not be a luxury good. Hinting to the fact that privacy should be available on basic smartphones too and not just flagship phones.

Now, it has been revealed that Google knows what you are buying online. You would think that Google is tracking your browser of online purchasing habits. No, Google tracks your online shopping via the Gmail app. As you know, each end every purchase that you do online is mailed on your account. From that, Google tracks the purchases that we have made. You might have also seen reminders inside Gmail for recurring payment or tracking when your order will be delivered.

Google tracks your shopping habits
Google tracks your shopping habits

All those purchases that you have made online for which receipts have been emailed are tracked by Google. However, Google does not hide this fact from you. The company has also published a webpage of which purchases it has tracked of yours. You can find your purchases from this link. From here, you can also delete the purchases which you don’t want Google to know. To do this, click on any purchase and you will get the option to ‘remove purchase’

The company says that this information is not used by them to serve ads. Google says that they do this “to help you easily view and keep track of your purchases, bookings and subscriptions in one place.” Now, this is partly true but it is also a fact that your purchases are known to Google. If you are privacy buff, you will have to go to this page and click on “Do not use private results.”

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