Google has finally taken the wraps off its Stadia Gaming platform. As we all know, there is a lot of excitement regarding Google Stadia. This is because Google Stadia is not the conventional gaming platform that we are used to seeing. Until now, we have seen that both Microsoft and Sony are totally dominating the gaming industry with its Xbox and PlayStation consoles respectively. However, Google Stadia wants to get rid of the consoles entirely. The main USP with Google’s Stadia platform is that you don’t require dedicated hardware to play games on it.

Google already revealed much of the interesting details regarding Google Stadia already. However, the pricing and launch details were not announced. Now, they have been announced by the company at the E3 gaming conference. In the announcement, Google revealed not only the price and launch date of Google Stadia but also the games it will come with at launch.

Google Stadia
Google Stadia will be available this November starting at USD 9.99 per month

At the moment, there is only one game coming with Google Stadia at launch which is Destiny 2. However, the company says that 31 games are coming to Stadia. There will be two tiers in Stadia named as Stadia Pro and Stadia Base. In the Stadia Base tier, you will be able to play games for free at 720p resolution with 60 fps. The Stadia Pro subscription will be a paid one costing you 9.99 USD per month. This will include 4K streaming as well as 5.1 Surround sound support at 60fps as well.

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Apart from that, it is also mentioned that you will need a minimum of 10Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed to stream games on Google Stadia at 720p. For 4K streaming, it is recommended that you have a 35Mbps download speed for smooth gameplay. At launch, Google Stadia will be supported by Chromecast Ultra, Google Chrome browser as well as Pixel 3 series phones including Pixel 3a series.

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