Google announces its game streaming platform ‘Stadia’

Google has finally launched its ambitious venture in the gaming industry. This is in the form of Google Stadia which is a gaming platform by the company. However, this platform is unique in the sense that it is a completely streaming platform. It means that you do not require any dedicated hardware such as consoles to play the game. Rather, all you need to do is open your YouTube app or website and click on Play button. After that, the game will start and you are already playing the game.

If you are wondering about its working then Google Stadia is handled by Google servers entirely. This way, you do not have to setup anything at your end. Moreover, you can play games from Google Stadia on your PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone. All this will be done seamlessly provided you have an internet connection. Also, Google says that its servers can handle huge amount of loads as well.

The company has announced live streaming functionality for Google Stadia as well. So you no longer require a dedicated gaming PC for live streaming your games as well. All this can be done directly from your Google Stadia dashboard. Google also claims that you can live stream your game play from Google Stadia capable of [email protected] On top of that, 4K streaming is also possible and 8K streaming is in the pipeline.

Apart from its gaming platform, Google also announced a controller for Stadia aptly named as Stadia Controller. With this, you can play your games on Google Stadia and the controller connects via WiFi which means there is minimal lag. Also, the Stadia Controller directly connects to Google servers for the best possible response rate during gameplay. Google has announced that id Software’s demon-slayer title Doom Eternal will be one of the first titles on Stadia.