Google has been caught up in yet another controversy. This time, the controversy is regarding the Nest security cameras from Google. If you are unaware, Nest was brought by Google a few years back. Nest is a security company operating in the US which specializes in making security cameras. Now, Google has been launching Nest products from some time. Recently, Nest’s latest lineup of products were unveiled. This controversy is regarding the latest products from Nest’s security cameras.

It is found out that the Nest security cameras have an on-device microphone inside of them. However, the interesting part is that Google failed to tell their customers about it. This means that Nest customers who bought the cameras never knew that it had microphones inside them. This is basically a major privacy concern as the microphones could be used in any possible way. Also, the customers will be unaware of it as they don’t even know it has a mic.

Google has since clarified by giving a statement on this issue. The company has apologized for not telling their customers about the on-device mic inside Nest. However, Google has also told that the mics were not in use at all. Also, customers were able to enable or disable the microphones from the Nest app.

Now, the issue came into focus when Google announced that they can use their Nest home security and alarm system if, say, they needed an umbrella, or how gnarly their commute would be. This made the Nest customers wonder how this was possible without a microphone. Later, it came into the realization that their devices have a mic. Google Spokesperson also mentioned that “on-device microphone was never intended to be a secret and should have been listed in the tech specs”. It seems like Google made an honest mistake this time but it is still a major issue, nonetheless.

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