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Google Pixel 7 Review: Unveiling the Impressive Android Phone

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, the Pixel 7 continues to shine as a remarkable Android device, offering a compelling combination of cutting-edge features, stellar camera capabilities, and seamless performance. While the Pixel 8 has taken the spotlight, the Pixel 7 remains a top-tier choice, now available at an attractive discount of over 30% on Amazon, dropping from £599 to £390. For those seeking an affordable alternative, exploring the Pixel 7a is also worth considering.

A Refined Upgrade

Google doesn’t reinvent the wheel with the Pixel 7, but rather delivers a polished and refined upgrade from its predecessor, the Pixel 6. The device stands out for its exceptional camera system, smooth performance, and the promise of years of reliable software support. Even though the Pixel 7 may no longer be the newest model, its exceptional specifications make it even more appealing when considering its value for money.

Android Excellence

What sets the Pixel lineup apart is its commitment to delivering the best Android experience without the bloatware often found on other devices. Powered by Google’s Tensor-driven smarts, the Pixel 7 provides users with a seamless and stable experience. The allure of Android 13’s stability and smoothness is enough to make even dedicated iPhone users rethink their choices.

Design Elegance

Externally, the Pixel 7 may seem similar to its predecessor, featuring the distinctive edge-to-edge “camera bar” on the rear. The matte aluminum texture of the bar adds a sleek and classy touch to the design. While the phone is slightly smaller with a 6.3-inch display and lighter than its predecessor, its slipperiness necessitates the use of a case for a secure grip.

Captivating Camera Capabilities

For photography enthusiasts, the Pixel 7’s camera system is a standout feature. The 50MP main camera and 12MP ultra-wide camera deliver exceptional results, with detailed, colorful, and contrasty shots. The front-facing camera receives a notable upgrade in resolution, catering to selfie aficionados. Google’s innovative “Face Unblur” and “Photo Unblur” features, driven by the new Tensor G2 chip, elevate the camera capabilities, rescuing even old and blurry shots.

Efficient Performance and Enhanced Battery Life

Equipped with Google’s Tensor G2 chip, the Pixel 7 showcases improved efficiency, resulting in enhanced battery life. Despite having a technically smaller battery, the Pixel 7 is rated to last over 24 hours, effortlessly handling a day of normal usage. Notable quality-of-life improvements include a more responsive in-display fingerprint reader and the introduction of face unlock functionality.

Dazzling Display

The Pixel 7’s display maintains the high standards set by its predecessor, offering a stunning, bright, and vibrant panel. The 90Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid interactions, while the implementation of the always-on display surpasses that of more expensive competitors.

Drawbacks and Considerations

While the Pixel 7 impresses on multiple fronts, the cinematic video mode falls short of expectations, struggling with subject detection and tracking. The absence of a memory card slot requires users to choose between the 128GB or 256GB storage variants at the time of purchase. Comparisons with the Pixel 6 reveal similar features, making the older model a more budget-friendly option. The Pixel 7a, with many shared features, emerges as a compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Verdict: A Resounding Yes

In conclusion, the Pixel 7 earns our resounding endorsement as an outstanding smartphone. Packed with innovative features, an exceptional camera system, and an impressive display, it offers excellent value, especially with the current discount. For those mindful of budget constraints, the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 7a provides worthy alternatives. As the smartphone market continues to evolve, the Pixel 7 remains a reliable and enticing choice for Android enthusiasts.

Explore the world of smartphones with the Pixel 7 – a device that combines elegance, performance, and innovation to redefine your mobile experience.


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