Google News going to offer free access to paywalled articles from news publications

According to the latest news, as part of its US $ 1 billion investment in partnerships with news publishers, Google is looking forward to start paying for some paywalled content for its News Showcase program. Note that News Showcase is a new feature that got added to Google News recently. The feature was rolled only in October this year. It displays story panels curated by publishers. However, News Showcase is not available in the US yet.

As per a Google blog post, News Showcase will “start offering people access to paywalled content in partnership with select news publishers”. In simple words, this means, Google will pay partners for limited access to paywalled content but in order to get access to the content, users will still have to register with the individual publishers.

Google News going to offer free access to paywalled articles
Google News going to offer free access to paywalled articles

However, the rollout has not been effective in the US. Google has partnered with publishers in several countries but the US is not currently on the list. Back in October, the News Showcase feature went live in Brazil and Germany while publications in other countries like Argentina, Canada, France, UK, and Australia have since signed on. Google also said, “Conversations are underway in a number of other countries”.

Google has also announced a new kind of story panel which will allow individual publishers to display curated lists of important articles of the day and the selections will appear in the user’s For You feeds. Apart from the For You feeds, it will also appear on the newly dedicated area within the Newsstand on Google News.

Initially, News Showcase was launched for the Google News app on Android but now, it is also available on iOS. The company also revealed that in the coming days, they will come up with and Google Discover.