Google might rename ‘Android TV’ into ‘Google TV’ soon

Over the past couple of months, specifications of Google’s upcoming ‘Sabrina’ streaming dongle has been leaked again and again. All the leaks revealed some core details of the dongle.

Artem Russakovskii, Android Police founder has now revealed a listing on the internal system of US retailer, Target. Here, it is listed as ‘Google Chromecast with Google TV’. It is being circulated that it is nothing but Google’s Sabrina dongle. This listing confirms that the Google device will come with a price tag of US $50. It must be noted that the name Google TV resembles ‘Android TV’ so it might eventually be a smart TV. A few months, back, it was also circulated that Google is planning to revert the name of its smart TV platform from Android TV to Google TV. However, whether this renaming takes place or not remains to be seen.

Google might rename ‘Android TV’ into ‘Google TV’ soon
Google might rename ‘Android TV’

Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) posted “Now Target’s internal system dropped Sabrina’s the price to $49.99 and renamed it to “Google Chromecast with Google TV” (not Android TV). According to one little birdie I know, Google is planning to rename Android TV to Google TV. That’s it. That’s the story. For a quick history lesson, Google has been slowly but surely removing the…”

In another tweet, Russakovskii posted “Google’s Android TV (Sabrina) is coming. There were 2 leaks so far at $50 (Home Depot) and $59.98 (Walmart), and I can now confirm Target has it listed internally at $59.99 with a Sep 30 release date. All of these could be placeholders. But my money is on ~$60.”

Back in October 2010, Android TV started life as Google TV but the US tech giant discontinued this name following the introduction of Android TV in 2014. It seems that the latest version of Android TV will make its debut with Sabrina. Now, whether the company will keep the name unchanged with Android TV is a matter of speculation. To be honest, if Russakovskii’s tweet is to believe, we might not see iterations of ‘Android TV’ models for too long.

Now, on the other hand, the Target listing also seemingly revealed that Google is on its way to retain the Chromecast branding for its upcoming streaming dongle. However, the listing maintains that the new device will be a completely new device with no apparent relation to any of the existing Chromecast devices.

Russakovskii believes that the device will come in three color options: Rock Candy, Summer Melon, and Summer Blue.