Google Messages 6.7.067 version automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours

If you are using an Android device then you must note that Google Messages is the default messaging app for Android devices. An APK teardown from XDA Developers has now revealed that Google Messages will automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours. According to them, the string that enables this feature was spotted in Google Messages 6.7.067 version update.

In simple words, this means, Google will now delete your SMS inbox by getting rid of messages like OTPs that expire after a certain time interval.

Frankly, Google Messages 6.7.067 version update is not at all a major update. It can only be considered as a subtle fine-tuning to the Google Messages app.

One Time Passwords (OTPs) are a necessary part of our digital lives nowadays. We get them every time we want to log in or make some transactions. It is also used for verification purposes.

Google Messages 6.7.067 version automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours
Google Messages 6.7.067 version automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours

Lately, two-factor authentication has been the latest norm. People who have accounts at various avenues and people who make more online transactions per day have clutters of OTPs in their mobile and email. In some cases, we do delete emails from the inbox of our email service provider but we don’t really delete these OTP messages from our mobile message.

Recently, almost most apps forcefully take permission for using contacts and messages from users and after granting this permission, when you initiate a transaction, the app itself reads the OTP as soon as your handset receives an OTP SMS. In cases like this, the user has not even opened the SMS containing the OTP from the mobile message application. Thus almost all devices have a batch showing unread messages with a number of such OTP messages.

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