Google is constantly adding new features to its products since Google I/O 2019. One of the products getting most of those features is Google Maps. Just recently, we noted that Google Maps is getting features for public transport that includes buses, trains and auto-rickshaws. Now, Google Maps has one new very helpful feature integrated inside it. This is the ability to see the speedometer of the vehicle you are inside on-screen and in real-time.

Now, this feature can be particularly useful when you use are travelling in a public vehicle. In a private vehicle, you would know the speed you are travelling at and know what is the safe limit. But the same does not apply for a vehicle that you do not own. So with this feature, you can know what speed you are travelling at. Also, you can report if the speed is going above the limit by taking a screenshot.

Google Maps Speedometer feature
Google Maps finally integrates on-screen speedometer feature

At the moment, it looks like the feature inside Google Maps is server-side rollout which is also slowly rolling out. This means that it will take some time to reach your device if it has not already. Apart from that, it is known to be rolling out in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and the US.

Along with the speedometer feature, Google Maps is also getting a feature which will help you in case of any natural disaster. For example, you are going somewhere and there is a natural disaster such as flooding, landslide or other such disasters.

Not only will Google Maps alert you about such natural disasters on the route, but it will also show you the alternate route which you should take to reach there. Google says that this feature is an expansion of their SOS alerts feature which already exists.

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