Google is Working on a New Generation of Pixel Buds

According to the latest news, two new devices have arrived for FCC certification. The two devices look like a new set of Google Pixel Buds. Back in 2018, the original Google headset was listed under the FCC identifier for Weifang Goertek Electronics. Interestingly, this week, two devices from Weifang Goertek Electronics passed through FCC with model numbers GPQY2 and G7YPJ. It is worth mention that these model numbers follow the style of Google’s own devices following Nest Audio’s “GXCA6” number.

In the paperwork, it is clearly stated that since these devices are very small in size, the FCC info won’t be printed on the hardware. These two FCC listings are most likely for some variety of Pixel Buds. The dimension of each device is listed in the paperwork. It comes with a dimension of 27 x 20 x 15 mm which is almost the same as the new Pixel Buds.

With these new earbuds, Google might attempt to address frequent disconnection issues. These new Pixel Buds use exactly the same Bluetooth bands as the current generation but the power output is significantly higher. Last year’s Google Pixel Buds came with a power output of 8mW/16mW and the new model will come with a power output of 13.24mW/19.82mW. This significant increase in output power will boost signal strength which will reduce the likelihood of disconnection.

Google Pixel Buds
Pixel Buds 2

Now the question is where these new Pixel Buds would fit in the Made by Google lineup. According to some specialists, Google is possibly preparing a higher-end successor to the Pixel Buds with advanced features like noise cancellation. However, it feels a bit too early for Google to supplant last year’s model.

On the other hand, Google might come out with an affordable variant, akin to how the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a offered the best of their flagship counterpart for less. The FCC’s limited confidentiality period for submitted photos of these new Pixel Buds runs out in mid-September which is weeks before the usual Made by Google fall launches. This timing supports the second theory.

Overall, it seems, we are looking at a mid-year launch which is experienced by the likes of Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. Google might launch these new Pixel Buds side by side with Pixel 5a. As of now, it is difficult to predict what exactly Google is going to offer with these new Pixel Buds.