After over two years of starting with trials, finally, Google’s AI-powered reservation service Duplex is now available in 49 US states. As of now, it seems, this will be the limit of Duplex’s coverage in the US. Google has told The Verge that it has no timeline to launch this service in Louisiana due to unspecified local laws.

It seems Duplex has taken such a long time to roll out across the US because it had to adapt to local legislations individually in every state. Google further told that in order to make it legal in some states, it had to add certain features to the service such as offering a call back number for businesses contacted by Duplex.

Google Duplex

Based on a Google support page that lists Duplex’s availability, AndroidPolice first spotted Duplex’s new milestone of 49 states. Back in 2018, at its I/O Conference, Google wowed audiences by unveiling Duplex. Duplex is a feature of Google Assistant. It uses AI to call local businesses. It makes reservations at restaurants and hairdressers on behalf of you by using a realistic-sounding artificial voice. However, at that time, Google promised more than it could deliver with this promotable technology.

Back in 2019, it was revealed that 25 percent of Duplex calls are made by humans and out of that 19 percent of calls started by the automated system have to be completed manually. Some reports pointed out that in most cases, restaurants confused Duplex with automated spam robocalls. As of now, it is not clear what percent of Duplex calls are made by AI.

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