Google Pixel phone’s one of the most loved features is its Night Mode, which turns your low light pictures to look like as they were taken during the daytime. The feature is available in Google Camera for a number of years. Today, Google has finally decided to bring a dedicated ‘Night Mode’ to entry-level Android phones via its lightweight Camera Go app.

Camera Go app is a lightweight camera application that Google unveiled for its low RAM Android phones earlier this year. Camera Go app brings the company’s popular AI camera features to entry-level phones. Camera Go has already offered ‘Portrait Mode’ to its users and now, it has started rolling out the Night Mode feature through an update that helps to shoot quality images in low light.

Google said that Night Mode feature s built to work with specific camera modules. The company said that the update will roll first in Nokia 1.3 in 27 countries. In order to use this feature, go to Google Play Store from your Android device, and update the app.

Google Camera Go application update incorporates “Night Mode”
Google Camera Go application update incorporates “Night Mode”

According to Google, the camera app captures a burst of photos at different exposures when you tap the shutter button and these photos are then merged to offer you a brighter nighttime photo which is similar to how the feature works on many devices. However, you should not confuse this Night Mode with that of Night Sight feature available in Google’s Pixel handsets. Frankly, Google Pixel handsets are entry-level smartphones with less powerful specifications and capabilities.

In a blog post, Google said “Camera Go users with these devices will now be able to take higher quality pictures with brighter and more accurate colors even in low light environments like dimly-lit indoor spaces or outdoors at night.”

It seems that Google is looking to improve the picture quality of its entry-level phones with the addition of HDR to the Camera Go app. Right now, it is in development, it will be rolled out once it is fully developed and tested.

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