Google ‘Bolo’ app announced; targeted towards kids in India

Google has announced a new app for Indian users, specifically kids in India. The app is named as Google Bolo by the company which means “Speak” when translated to English. Therefore, the name aptly sums up what the Google Bolo app is meant for.

This app encourages the kids in India to speak in Hindi and English loudly. This will help them improve their speaking skills. Currently, Google’s Bolo app is available only in Hindi and English languages but more languages will be added soon, presumably.

It is worth noting that the Google Bolo app has been launched in India but it shows that the app is in development. Therefore, it is expected that Google is still testing some features inside the app. Also, keep in mind that the app is completely free to use.

Google has even announced that the company will not collect any data from this app. On top of that, Google will not place any ads inside this app so as to not let kids distracted by them, reveals the company.

Also worth noting is that Google Bolo is only released in India, as of now. This means that the app might be built exclusively in India. Inside the app, there is a virtual tutor named ‘Diya’. This tutor helps the kids in terms of correcting their mistakes, encouragement, aid or any type of explanation.

One more feature of the Google Bolo app is that it works completely offline. This means you can use this app anywhere and at any time. This feature is built keeping in mind the network situation in India. At the event, Google revealed that they are testing Bolo with over 900 children in 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh at the moment. The company says that Google Bolo is meant to be used just 10 to 15 minutes a day.