According to the latest news, Google has announced a VPN by Google One for subscribers with a 2 TB or higher plan. Google said that the free Google VPN add on will be rolled out for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac.

Google is also adding Pro Sessions for plan holders who have more than a 2 TB plan. These sessions will let members have a one on one interaction with Google experts. Here, users will be taught and guided on how to use Google products in a better way. It includes Google One membership. As of now, this service is rolling out for users in the UK, the US, and Canada.

However, Google is not allowing users to add Google VPN to 100 GB or 200 GB plans which start at the US $ 1.99 per month. This service is exclusively designed for users who have subscribed for a 2 TB plan at least. Note that the 2 TB plan starts at the US $ 9.99 per month and goes all the way up to the US $ 299.99 per month for the 30 TB plan.

Google announced free VPN for Google One subscribers with more than 2 TB plansGoogle announced free VPN for Google One subscribers with more than 2 TB plans
Google One VPN plans

If you are a subscriber of Google One plan, then a VPN is the cherry on the cake. A VPN or a virtual private network is an additional safeguard against data theft and online tracking. Google announced that the VPN will be rolled out for the users in the US first and then it will be rolled in other countries.

Since the new service will be available on all platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This means users will be able to use it from any device. Another good thing about this newly introduced service is you will be able to share the VPN with family members the same way you share Google One.

You can add up to 5 additional family members and grant them additional Google Drive storage. It seems that this added VPN, it makes the higher tier plans a better offering.

Google announced free VPN for Google One subscribers with more than 2 TB plans
Google announced free VPN for Google One subscribers

For those unaware, Google One is a premium storage plan offered by Google which comes with other benefits too. It starts from a 100 GB plan and the existing plans go all the way up to 30 TB.

In general, Google offers 15 GB of free storage and unlimited high-quality photo storage via Google Photos but you can back up your pictures in uncompressed original resolution here in Google One without worrying about running out of space. For this, all you need is a Google One plan subscription. Apart from just storage, Google One offers you direct access to Google experts if you need any help while using Google services.

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