Google AI tool URL2Video automatically converts webpages into video

We have seen implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) in various web tools, robots, and software throughout the evolution of it. Amongst many other companies working on the said AI technology, Google is one of the leading companies.

Google has been always trying to develop AI technology in order to integrate it into its upcoming tools and services. According to the latest news, now, Google’s AI division has created a tool that can turn a webpage into an informative video.

This AI tool has been dubbed URL2Video by the company. It has been developed by the Google AI team to help users convert simple webpages into creative marketing videos. The best thing about this AI technology is, it does all automatically. Google said that it created this tool specifically for those who want to create marketing videos from scratch easily and quickly.

Google AI tool URL2Video automatically converts webpages into video
Google AI tool URL2Video

Google AI team stated “Creating marketing videos from scratch can be challenging, especially when designing for multiple platforms with different viewing criteria. We present URL2Video, an automatic approach that converts a web page into a short video given temporal and visual constraints.”

To convert a webpage into a video, Google developed an AI tool, URL2Video extracts the various key elements of a web page such as fonts, texts, colors, and layouts. After this, the tool’s design engine takes these visual elements and uses constraint programming to organize them in shots to render a video.

However, creators don’t lose all control of the technology because following the automatic rendering, users can review every aspect of the output and even modify various constraints to generate the perfect video. This AI tool comes with a dedicated user interface for the creators so that they can re-examine and manipulate their videos.

Google AI tool URL2Video automatically converts webpages into video
Google AI tool URL2Video automatically converts webpages into video

The developers of this Google tool who were assigned for the project has revealed some of the behind scenes of developing URL2Video. They have revealed that they have interviewed various designers to first learn the design process before starting out. The developers compared the automatically generated output of URL2Video with the creation of the designers before coming to the final iteration of the tool.

Google stated, “The evaluation shows that URL2Video effectively extracted design elements from a web page and supported designers by bootstrapping the video creation process.”

If you are interested in AI technology and interested enough to learn more about URL2Video then you can do that by checking out the technical details mentioned in Google’s official research paper.