Google said to have removed 46 apps from developer on Play Store

Earlier today, we reported that Apple has cracked down on some apps in its App Store. We now have reports regarding Google doing the same as well. However, the case with somewhat different when it comes to Google Play Store. It is reported that Google has removed 46 apps from the same developer from its Play Store. This developer is none other than the popular Chinese Android app developer named DO Global.

If you are unaware about DO Global, this developer has more than 100 Android apps on the Google Play Store. Also, these apps have millions of downloads accumulated across the years. However, Google decided to remove 46 apps in a massive jolt to the developer.

Apps from DO Global on Play Store
Apps from DO Global on Play Store

As per earlier reports, DO Global is partly owned by Baidu which is the equivalent of Facebook in China. This means that the developer must be a huge name in the Chinese region. According to Buzzfeed, Google has already removed about 46 of the DO Global apps from its Play Store. However, that is not all as Google plans to ban all of DO Global apps from its store.

This means that we are likely to see a full ban on DO Global from the Android ecosystem very soon. Now, you might be wondering why Google has become this strict on DO Global. Well, Google suspects that DO Global’s apps could be spreading malware on Android devices. It is suspected that malicious cyber attacks and data breaches are possible because of those apps.

Google’s spokesperson gave a statement that “We actively investigate malicious behavior, and when we find violations, we take action, including the removal of a developer’s ability to monetise their app with AdMob or publish on Play”, He added that “Their removal from the Play Store marks one of the biggest bans, if not the biggest, Google has ever instituted against an app developer”