Genius Pack launches Supercharged, a smart luggage with charging ports

We have all known that charging smartphone beforehand is a good idea. This is especially true while travelling because we are not sure if we can get charging ports or not. However, if there is a situation where you would forget to charge your phone and have to go somewhere. Then you will need to charge your device with a Power bank. What if we tell you that you can do this from luggage as well.

Yes, you can now charge your devices on-the-go even when you are travelling. This is because Genius Pack, the smart luggage brand, has just launched a new Carry On luggage suitcase. This suitcase is named as the Genius Pack Supercharged Suitcase.

First of all, you can store all your luggage inside it just as you normally would. However, this Carry On luggage solution has some great features too.

Genius Pack Supercharged

You get Dual USB ports on this luggage for charging your smartphone. Also, the bag has been TSA-approved so you can easily use this for national/international flights too. The TSA approval is because the power pack on this luggage is a removable one. It is a 10,000 mAh power pack which promises smartphone charge up to 4 times.

Genius Pack launches Supercharged, a smart luggage with charging ports
Genius Pack – smart luggage with charging ports

Now, the company has also designed a power cable which is an all-in-one cable so that you can charge your smartphones and even the luggage itself. Other features include Eight wheels for a 360-degree spin, garment loop to pack hanging clothes and compartments labelled according to categories.

The exterior of this luggage is made out of 100% polycarbonate which is an ultra-light, but strong material used in bulletproof products. You also get an aluminium handle for strolling with the luggage which can be adjusted to 2 stop positions.

This is currently launched by Genius Pack as a Kickstarter project. You can back this project from here along with other 565 backers. Currently, this Kickstarter project has already reached thrice their goal of $50,000 and 37 days are remaining to back this project. The company plans to start shipping by March 2019.