PUBG replacement, ‘Game for Peace’ from Tencent is already doing great in China

We know that PUBG was recently discontinued in China. And the reason behind this move from Tencent is Chinese governments refusal to allow in-app purchases. It is also a shocking move as the game already had 70 million active players playing the game daily. However, Tencent has already released a replacement of PUBG with a new game called Game for Peace. This is an even patriotic version of PUBG released only in China as of now. Also, this game is free to download and released for iOS devices.

Now, the reports regarding the Game for Peace game from Tencent have started to come in. And it must be said that Tencent is having a great time with the newly launched game. Because Game for Peace has already earned $14 million in just 72 hours since launch. It has also become the most downloaded free game and the top-grossing game in Apple’s China App Store.

Game for Peace gameplay
Game for Peace gameplay

One thing to note is that users can migrate their data from PUBG to Game for Peace. So Tencent targeted the current users of PUBG right from the start. With this new game, Tencent got approval from regulators to generate revenue from this game. So you can now be able to buy skins and perform other in-app purchases in China’s Game for Peace too.

Game for Peace from Tencent is a tribute to China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force. This means that the game is based on patriotism for the country and not just a first-person shooter game. It means that users will have more pride in playing the game and the user base will increase even more than before.

Apart from banning games, China is also looking to ban sexual, violent and politically sensitive content from TV shows and video games Tencent says that Game for Peace is only available for players aged 16 or above. Also, users aged 16 to 18 will only be able to play Game for Peace for 2 hours per day.