Recently, it is observed that smartphone manufacturers all over the world are pushing their boundaries in terms of futuristic designs. Just for an example, a foldable handset seemed to be a science fiction decades ago but as of now, it is out of trend. Designs are evolving this fast. According to the latest news, South Korean tech giant, Samsung has patented a new Galaxy handset that is going to come with a transparent display.

As per the news leak, Samsung has filed the patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). This leak is first published by LetsGoDigital  on 27th August 2020. The leak mentioned a somewhat detailed description of the technology that is expected to be used by the tech giant for creating this transparent smartphone.

Samsung files patent for a Galaxy smartphone with a transparent display
Galaxy smartphone with a transparent display

In the end, the report conveyed that this technology can also be tried on other electronic gadgets such as TV, computer monitors, laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles.

Overall, as per the available reports, it seems that the patent is based more around the technical aspect than a list of features. Each and every details of different layers and components required to achieve transparency is mentioned in the patent.

As far as the image leak is concerned, the device seen in the patent has narrow bezels and a big transparent screen. It might be an OLED panel because this type of display is equipped with a transparent luminous panel which lets light shine through.

However, a more detailed list of features of the handset is currently unknown. Moreover, it is also unclear whether Samsung is actually working on such a device, or the company simply filed a patent to cover future rights. Throughout the years, we have seen plenty of smartphone manufacturers patenting a product that never became a reality in the future so let’s see what Samsung does with it. We have no option other than to wait and watch.

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