Recently, Samsung released its latest Galaxy S10 series in India as well as other countries. We know that Samsung has received lots of positive feedback from the media and customers alike. This means that the Galaxy S10 from Samsung has been a hit in the market.

However, Samsung also expects this positive feedback of the Galaxy S10 series to turn into sales. We also know that Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst, initially predicted the sales of Galaxy S10 series from Samsung to remain in between 30-35 million units.

It now seems that Ming-Chi Kuo had to rethink regarding the sales estimates. Ming-Chi Kuo has also announced a revision to the sales estimates for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series now. We know that most of the investors rely on Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction in order to make their investment decisions. The latest sales estimate from Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the Galaxy S10 by Samsung will be a huge hit.

The famous analyst predicts Samsung’s latest flagship to make sales of around 40-45 million units. He notes that the main difference between the sales estimates from earlier is “specs differentiation”. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that users will choose Galaxy S10 over iPhones released in 2018 due to its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

Also, Samsung’s sales will be boosted by the reverse wireless charging as well as triple rear camera setup. Apple is also expected to release its iPhone later this year which will have a triple rear camera setup. But until then, Samsung is expected to run away with most of the sales this year.

In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series is enjoying a strong interest in China which is also the reason for its “better than expected” performance. Apart from that, 2018 iPhones have failed to impress the Chinese fans and the users expecting to upgrade to a flagship will switch to a Samsung Galaxy flagship now, according to Ming-chi Kuo

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